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Reppn that Great North.....Anchorage,Alaska

Welcome To My Site And Thanx Foe Stoppn Thru....My Web Page Is better Viewed By A home Based Computer Rather Than A Cell Phone....Using a cell phone will cause things not to play on my site....You Can Get A Better Feel Of The Page If You Are Using A LapTop, Ipad Or Desk Top Computer On This Site......Below is more than 71 of my best songs.....Jus click on any of my songs and they will play...Dont forget to sign the Guest Book ...Enjoy The Site.....

            CELESTINO LEE

The video below is for any woman out there,that is depressed about their wieght,keep your head up,Ive gotz much luv foe ya....Smile

Reflections Of A Beauty

                          My daughter acting silly.....Video below

                        Lyrics to "Flight Plan" 2015 Video below

I make my own beats from single sounds...meaning with no samples,and I make my own lyrics...I mix and record and then burn to cd as a final project.....I'm a one man band....

My favorite songs of mine are....

1. Reflections of a Beauty

2.Wanna Be Your Man

3. Lookn at you


5.Leave me alone

6. A Dozen Doves

7.Goan Love you

8.Im Sorry....

9.Straight Rolln....  and there are many more....LOL

Just click on any of the 71 songs right below in the blue box,that you would like to hear and it will begin to play for you....

The video below is a video that i made while rolling in my ride....chillin....cruz-n...

                                     2014 Impala Ltz



Remember if you dont like one of my songs in that lil blue box at top.....click on another one,u may just find yourself bobbing your head to that song.....

I believe music can make a person day,depending on what sogn you listen to.....i think we all have that song that makes us feel good in every situation.....

The look you have after finding out you can be tracked by gps when you click on a facebook message your having w/someone on your celly....BUSTED

                         I Love You Video is right below...

Im always smiling,it feels good and its good for the body....you should try it sometime....lol

                           Celestino Lee Cheezn....Lol

All the songs you hear on here,I made the beats,the lyrics and i mastered all my projects to a final product....

                                   The Real Deal Video...

You want a special song made for you or a loved one?...If so,holla at me,i can make a track for you or for someone you want to get a message across to, coming from me lyrically but coming from you emotionally.

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        The video below is a quick lil beat i made one day kickn back....

                                  A Celestino Lee Beat

A Trip To Valdez,Alaska

 photo 507db4ef-8aff-439f-b518-9c89783f5279_zps824a13c2.jpg

Below is a video that shows my picts...everybody has picts right.....lol

A video of Celestino Lee photos...

 photo MyMoviemic2_zps0efadc93.gif

Below is a video i made from diffrent recordings i had done driving back n forth from pikn up my son on the weekends....only in Alaska...lol

Str8 Rolln

As you will notice,alot of my songs have a lil humor in them,but they all are tracks that i made from the heart. My songs are songs that others can relate to....whether your a woman or man...

Celestino as an Alaskan Truck Driver


Current Visitors On My Site Are Blinking On The Map Below,Non Blinking Stars Are Visitors Who Have Viewed This Page Once Or More,On Or After 11-6-13,But Are Not Currently Viewing My Site As You Are Right Now....

If you like my work...please share my page,my music and my creativity with you friends and family....On facebook or any other site...

 photo MyMovielipp2_zps033bce0f.gif


The Video I Did Below,Was Just A Video I Shot On A Saturday..Juz Ta See If I Have Potential To Make A Real Video...I Produced Every Bit Of The Video...But Daughter Filmed The Ride In The Parking Lot....LoL....

For My Future Wifey

Shirts and Hats will Be on sale very soon......All sizes and colors.....and also diffrent images on shirts to choose from...

 photo 8d7095a4-07e5-4e87-80dc-fb05111751d8_zps068795d6.jpg

A video I made awhile ago,dedicated to my Lil man. Sometimes ppl try to stand in the way of a good dad.....I Love You Jace...

To my son......Lil Jace


A Video For Fubar.com

To My Ex Girl....F.U.B

Im Just Speaking The Mind Of Many Men And Women....Sometimes...Cuddling Can Be Done Last...Right?......Click The Arrow To See Video

 photo 66d9bdab-220a-42a5-9e14-520441f91d15_zps04d260c7.jpg

Give It Good 2 Ya

Teddy Bear

Yo Ass Yo Ass Girl

Hes The Man

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Cheezn As Always


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           My 2014 Impala LTZ


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