Celestino Lee

Reppn that Great North.....Anchorage,Alaska

                                       About Me

    Hey,wuzzup and how ya doin...My name is Celestino Lee,but most folks from my city of Anchorage,Alaska know me as Champ.I am using this site to let other people listen to my hobby.This could be your first,second or even your 5th time coming to my page,but either way,i would like ta say thank you.I was born in Omaha,Nebraska July 18 1975.Father spent 30 years serving the military Air Force and retired as a Cmsgt(E-9)so i moved around every 3 to 4 years after i was born in Nebraska...We  moved form there to Bergstrom A.F.B Austin Texas,i think since then,they have closed down the base and made it an International airport.Then from there we moved to (Tyndall A.F.B) Panama City Florida and then from there up to Alaska in "86". My Mother,Helen "Denise Lee spent 25 years at a post offices here in Anchorage,Ak and finally retired after 25 years,also did the Mary kay and the hair thang on the side,(licensed)..My father currently resides in Sanantonio,Tx.

     I am a single father of a 16 year old girl I call "Nae Nae",which is short for Jhenae and I have an 8 year old lil man named Jace.I have been at my job for 22 years straight,doing the trucking/moving thang for a local company in Anchorage,Ak called United Golden North Van Lines .While doing the moving thang you learn alot about a person and and a lotta secrets are revealed,i mean we are going in your crib as movers,so we have ta see everythang,and dont tell us that u have packed a certain box and it can be moved the way it is,naw,lol...dont think so,we have ta open it up and make sure u aint snuck ammo or explosives in there LOL...O and ladies,we dont pack batteries,so before we pack ur lil sex toys,well i guess they all aint been lil,but before we pack em (sex toys)..juz remove the batteries.I would really hate ta walk down the stairs while you have friends over sayn their goodbyes and i have ta say"um excuse me Mrs Jones,can u please remove your batteries out of this toy of urs...we cant ship batteries"..lol...So women,if u dont buy us lunch this will happen to you...LOL...by April 1st,i will hopefully be in my own trucking biz...(owning my own buisness) trucking from Alaska to Houston,Tx and in between.,then back up to Alaska.

     I have 1 older brotha and 2 younga sistaz. My older brother has retired (Dec 2014) from serving in the U.S.A.F as a Lt.Col after graduating from the Air Force Academy in 94....he is currently living with his fam in San Antonio,Tx......Wuzzup Lt Col Clarence Icy Lee, (Retired)lets do a track togther..We can call it "Family"...lol...pshhhhh....My 2 sisters live in Houston,Texas ...One named Chamona (Ivy) Lee and the other one named Chaundra (Ieshia) Lee..Ivy doin her logistics thang and the beautician thang and Ieshia...ummmm,well i kno she doin the beautician certified thang on the side,but as far as her big paying job,im not sure....umm Eisha let a brotha kno what ya do....Lol

     Now a lil more bout myself,im a very laid back individual,well thas when im not drinking my Rockstar..Lol...i have never ever tasted alcohol nor tried smokin nethang,but ya get me drinking some rockstar energy drink,its own(on)..i dont really do the club thang,mayb once every year.I love ta juz kick it and roll...meaning sit up n My 2014 Impala Ltz ride..(check the video out on my page)leaning to the side and juz listen to slow laid back music...hey thats Celestino Lee foe ya.If u are a female who i had chilled with before,ur prolly sayn...um Celestino or Champ,why havnt you told everybody bout your sensitive side..and this is what id say to you..."well sh--,let me get there...lol..newaze,yeah,ima sensitive brotha,lil thangs can get to me at times..ok well at most times..especially when my woman cant answer the freaking phone when i call,or takes 3 hours ta text back,but wanna know why im not texn her nemore...ladies it takes 10 seconds to type and send a text or maybe 20 if ur tellin me how much u miss me...lol...As of 11:30 am Saturday August 15th 2015,I am a single man...what do i look for in a woman...1.)some 1 who is smart and can be a bitch at times and see the obvious or mayb i should say,if u think sum thang isnt right,then say sumpn..dont keep ya mouth shut,unless i tell you to,lol... juz kiddin,calm down calm down..cuz 9 times out of 10 its prolly true and that goes for nethang,i need a strong woman,some1 who can stand up for them selves..ive ran into a few women in my times and they have said they have been beating by there dudes,and so ofcourse if they my woman at the time they are tellin me this,ima get sensitive and ask them.."did u leave em"...and ofcourse it usually always no....ppsshhh...that is not a strong woman...n my eyes..mayb urs but not in mine,thas all i am sayn..and this thang bout 'well he wouldnt hit me if he didnt love me",well turn that shit around and say he wouldnt hurt me if he loved me..ok see im allready feeling the sh--...let me breath real quick...